Freddie Finn
With experience as an NFTS, SKY and BBC credentialed junior operator and assistant, specialising in pedestal and handheld work, I'm proficient in using camera scripts and shot cards and can work on a wide range of programs including news , sports, music and light entertainment. Other Skills include: Scripted music & Bar Counting Busked music Working with Unscripted shows (Quiz, Panel ect..) I am also proficient as an assistant - assisting pedestal and handheld camera operators.
I am experienced in operating and working with various broadcast cameras and lenses, more specifically: Sony HDC-4300 & 1500 Grass Valley LDK 8000 Canon CJ14, CJ20, DIGISUPER 22XS, 25, 27, 86, Fujinon UA14, UA23 I am able to rig full box lenses or lightweight setups from the ground up, including autocues and camera cradles. Competent in gassing and balancing pedestals and patching/cleaning fibre or triax cables.
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