Freddie Finn

With experience as an NFTS, SKY and BBC credentialed assistant/junior operator, specialising in pedestal and handheld work. I'm well practised in using camera scripts and shot cards and have worked on a wide range of formats including news , sports, music, drama and light entertainment.


Skills include:

  • Scripted music & Bar Counting
  • Working with busked music numbers.
  • Working with Unscripted shows (Quiz, Panel ect..)
  • Working in Covid Safe Studios.
  • Multi Skilled Operating (PTZ Cams, Lighting and VT playback)
  • Cable bashing, focus pulling and assisting for pedestal, handheld,  jib and steadicam operators.


I am experienced in operating and working with various Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Panasonic and GV broadcast cameras & lenses. Able to rig studio pedestals, including autocues and camera cradles. Competent in gassing and balancing and patching/cleaning fibre or triax cables.

For Bookings or Enquiries: 07480939899
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